To install, run nikola theme -i hybrid

The Hybrid theme is based on the Hyde theme which is a port of the Hyde theme by mdo combined with features from the Zen theme family:

  • ForkAwesome font icons are supported
  • fancydates JS plugin is used
  • navigation links can be text only or icon only or combined
  • turn blog title and description in navigation bar on/off
  • Hyde color schemes are supported

Specify preferences via THEME_CONFIG variable in the config:

        DEFAULT_LANG: {
            "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-08",
            "sidebar_title": False,
            "navigation": "icon",

Color schemes

  • use predefined color scheme by replacing 08 with one of 09, 0a, 0b, 0c, 0d, 0e, 0f
  • custom color scheme: edit subtheme name to "theme-custom" and define your colors in assets/css/hybrid.css (background-color and color attribute)
  • see conf.py.sample for details

Title in sidebar

  • set "sidebar_title" to False for the Zen look
  • set "sidebar_title" to True to show blog title and description

Navigation links

  • set "navigation" to "icon" for the Zen experience
  • set "navigation" to "text" for the Hyde experience
  • do not set variable for Hybrid view

You can read a tutorial about how to create/port new theme at Nikola's site

(Note: The .sidebar class was renamed to .hsidebar to avoid conflicts with reST.)

License is MIT

Known Issues:

  • Submenus in navigation links still are not supported

Suggested Configuration:

        ('/index.html', 'Home', 'fa fa-home'),
        ('/archive.html', 'Archives', 'fa fa-folder-open'),
        ('/categories/index.html', 'Tags', 'fa fa-tags'),
        ('/rss.xml', 'RSS', 'fa fa-feed'),
        ('https://getnikola.com', 'About me', 'fa fa-user'),
        ('https://twitter.com/getnikola', 'My Twitter', 'fa fa-twitter'),
        ('https://github.com/getnikola', 'My Github', 'fa fa-github'),

        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-custom",
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-hybrid-01", # petrol
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-hybrid-02", # dark red
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-hybrid-03", # forest
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-hybrid-04", # eggplant
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-hybrid-05", # dark orange
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-08", # red
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-09", # orange
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-0a", # yellow
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-0b", # green
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-0c", # cyan
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-0d", # blue
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-0e", # magenta
        # "hyde_subtheme": "theme-base-0f", # brown
        # show title and description
        # "sidebar_title": True,
        # show navigation links as icon or text
        # leave commented to show both 
        # "navigation": "text",
        # "navigation": "icon",


Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this theme and request help via GitHub Issues (themes repository).

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