To install, run nikola theme -i zen-forkawesome

This is the zen theme modified to use icons from the ForkAwesome project instead of the originally used FontAwesome icons. Note that icon names and classes are different.

The zen and zen-based themes are very customizable, so to make these themes work, you have to use the sample config file.

Three variants of Zen are available:

  • zen, based on Mako templates
  • zen-jinja, based on Jinja2 templates
  • zen-forkawesome, using ForkAwesome icons instead of FontAwesome, based on Mako Templates



WARNING: The themes use Less for their styles, but you don't need a Less compiler installed to use it.

Suggested Configuration:

        ('/index.html', 'Home', 'fa fa-home'),
        ('/archive.html', 'Archives', 'fa fa-folder-open'),
        ('/categories/index.html', 'Tags', 'fa fa-tags'),
        ('/rss.xml', 'RSS', 'fa fa-rss'),
        ('https://getnikola.com', 'About me', 'fa fa-user'),
        ('https://twitter.com/getnikola', 'My Twitter', 'fa fa-twitter'),
        ('https://github.com/getnikola', 'My Github', 'fa fa-github'),


Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this theme and request help via GitHub Issues (themes repository).

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