To install, run nikola theme -i foundation6


This is a theme for the static site generator Nikola using the Foundation framework.

It aims to be simple, elegant and not bloat the overall size of your site too much.


You can install it directly with Nikola:

nikola theme -i foundation6


In your set THEME to foundation6.

Rebuild your site.

Included in custom Foundation 6

This theme uses a custom Foundation 6 with fewer components to slim the size of the site even more.

Components used are:

  • Grid, 12 Columns
  • General
  • Typography
  • Visibility Classes
  • Navigation
  • Menu
  • Accordion Menu
  • Top Bar
  • Pagination
  • Containers
  • Callout
  • Table
  • Media
  • Label

If you want to replace this with your own custom Foundation 6 - i.e. with different colors - just replace the foundation.min.css in the assets.


The Foundation framework is licensed under MIT.

This theme is licensed under APGLv3.

Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this theme and request help via GitHub Issues.

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