To install, run nikola theme -i libretto

Sophisticated, simple, and classically styled, Libretto is designed to showcase your writing prowess! A unique feature of this theme is that it does NOT rely on any Javascript. It's built using HTML, CSS and a few fonts. Best of all, the theme is responsive - yes, it works on mobiles and tablets too!!

Theme Highlights

  • Classic looks!
  • Navigation links on top-right (for tablet/desktop)
  • Blog description at bottom
  • Support for custom copyright notices at bottom-left
  • Icon links to social sites at bottom-right
  • Mobile support! (Looks good on my android phone, at least!)
  • Tag support!
  • No Javascript! (for now..?)

This is my first effort at making a theme and I hope you will enjoy using it!

Official DEMO website

In addition to the demo hosted on, I also maintain a demo site dedicated to showcasing the strengths of this theme here,

Speaking of which, the source code for this theme (and demo) is hosted on Github,

Feel free to report any issues, make suggestions or even better - contribute!

Un-supported features

Here is a list of Nikola features (that I'm aware of) which are currently not supported with this theme,

  • 3rd-party comment system (is it even possible to do this without JS ?)

If you want a feature to be supported by this theme, please make a request for it via the theme's official Github issues tracker,

As long as it isn't troublesome, I'll try to add it in.

Original Inspiration

This theme is based off a Wordpress theme of the same name. You can find the original here,

Issues? Questions?

You can report issues with this theme and request help via GitHub Issues (themes repository).

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